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      welcome too my website my name is Debra Atkinson  I Have Been  work with parrot's for 25 year's.I love what i do .. Please enjoy our website


private, for-profit not- Exotic Parrot Rescue. residential care facility Provides That avian rescue , rehabilitation, sanctuary and educational services across  Canada


 We are located Ottawa Ontario   , Canada  . We have many years of experience dealing with Difficult is hard to manage and parrots. We are experts in parrot Behaviours We are here if you need information on parrot care or if you want to adopt a rescue parrot, or need to place a parrot into our rescue / shelter program. . We rescue birds from all across Ontario and place them into suitable homes following our guidelines and principals for all exotic birds to Ensure That All rescue parrots Placed get into homes best suited for that special bird's needs. Our focus is on the parrot's needs first and foremost. W

During Their stay with us for the 90 day's, the parrots receive assistance to help them behavior Overcome issues: such as biting, screaming and plucking. An adoption will take place only eleven we are Un Certain That All of Their behavioral problems are Assessed and info we have all information to determine the best possible placement and a perfect match in an adoptive home's

Our main goal is to Provide for all parrot owners the tools and information required to Maintain a healthy relationship With Their parrots. We do this by Offering, information, articles and links to Relevant information on parrot care and parrot safety to assist owners With All Their parrot needs.

We are also available anytime of the day to answer questions and assist in an emergency. We Also assist During a family crisis, to Ensure That your parrot proper care Receives During a time of crisis.


We feel educating the public on the care and keeping of parrots Whether they 'are rehomed parrots parrot or a new bought from a pet store is Important and Those Who will help later down the road Could end up being a rescued parrot.There is a small fee parrot's.This fee for all help's us too keep the parrot rescue going.

We do not BREED parrot's here at the rescue.We Also will not re-home a Parrot with BREEDER'S.We are in bad need of caging, And when you 'ask toy's.We parrot eats too the rescue with you'r parrot to please give acerca us as much info as you little one you'r can.We Also ask that you 'give you'r little one his / her's cage and toy parrot's that you'r May have.This will help you'r little one out.Too That thing you'r have some parrot's live in and the toy's they 'play with.


  • Adoption fees and donations are NONREFUNDABLE .
  • If you adopt a bird and find you can no longer keep it, it MUST be returned to the rescue!

If you can not commit to an adoption, Consider supporting one of the many parrots at Parrot Rescue Gift of god who May never be permanently re-homed due to medical or behavioral issues. By sponsoring one of These parrots single-handedly you are providing support for his or her independent care. 

If you get a parrot for us and you can not keep him/her.The bird has too come back too the rescue.You can not re home or sale.In doing so you can and we will  be taken  too court


Please donate help support a parrot in our rescue we also Have a farm animals rescue and dog's. As we will not turn one parrot or an animal away we can definitely are in need of your help out their. We thank you very much and god bless you. keep coming back as we're always updating our web site.  



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Ottawa, Ontario k1k 2g6
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